Introducing Me

Well, hi there! I’m Hannah (:  It’s very nice to meet you!

Thank you so much for coming tonight! It means a lot you’d choose to spend any of your time here with me. If you can’t tell, I love music and pretty much all things popular culture – think TV, movies and other entertaining stuff…

I feel like a photo is an important visual reference so that’s me ^^^

I love reading, writing, listening to music (if I don’t respond when someone calls me, it’s probably because the music’s blaring.) I’m the girl who goes hoarse from singing, loves a good roadtrip and is fascinated by people’s stories. The one who has always found comfort in songs and words when other people haven’t been there…

I’m used to feeling different from most people. In fact, I have, all my life. But, a little while ago when I was just one face in a crowd of 83,000 and we were all singing the same words, uncaring about race/religion/sexuality/colour/ability/politics/various personal traumas, it hit me. Music doesn’t care. And at that moment, as our voices blended and I saw the same joy I’m sure was written all over my face, I realised I never have to feel alone again.

Because on the days when loneliness strikes, all I have to do is close my eyes and picture that crowd to know that there are thousands of people all over the world in their bedrooms, cars, or at parties who are hearing the same words as I am and maybe just maybe, feeling the same things I am. Or maybe, just maybe, they’re feeling something else, wildly strong and valid which is beautiful. The fact that the same song can mean so many different things despite it being the exact same three minutes we hear, from the person who wrote it, sung it to this tiny little wild wallflower here in Sydney, is absolutely magical to me.

So, I just want anyone who may be reading this to know; you are not alone, you are OK just as you are, you are worth something, what you feel is valid and even if it feels like nothing can possibly ever be good again, I promise you it can, because I’ve been where you are and this is part of what clawing my way out and finding my wings looks like!

Now, just pop on those headphones and promise to drift away with the music…

That’s probably what I’m doing right now, after all.

Love, Hannah (: x