What’s In The Jukebox? March/April Mood:

So, I’m a self-obsessed music geek who spends way too much, getting down to sick beats all over the place. A lot of my favourite artists have been sharing playlists lately and I listen to all kinds of music, new and old so I’ve decided I’ll be regularly sharing 10 tracks that I’m loving across all kinds of space and time. But because this is only a taster of the fun to come, we’ll go with 5 today.

If you’ve heard these before, hope you enjoy jamming!

In no particular order, (because I am an incredibly indecisive person), here they are;

  1. 1950 – King Princess (2018)

OK, so King Princess is an awesome new find of mine. She is the first act to be signed to Mark Ronson’s new label(he’s the guy that gave us the bangers Valerie and Uptown Funk). And if this song is any indication, she’s going to be around for a long while yet. I should also acknowledge that it was Harry Styles who led me to her because of his cryptic lyric posting…

2. Tequila – Dan + Shay (2018)

This country jam hit me in the heart. I’m not a drinker, but who doesn’t know what it feels like to have memories of a person you don’t want to take up space anymore surface at the worst times? Been there.  Also, on a completely unrelated yet equally important note, props to Dan + Shay for expanding the mainstream visual romantic narrative to include somebody disabled. I’m not deaf, but I am in a wheelchair so it means a lot that you show someone with a disability is  capable of being in a relationship, being desired and quite simply the choice of someone able-bodied.

3. Call Out My Name – The Weeknd (2018)

He’s back. Full disclosure, The Weeknd isn’t really my cup of tea in terms of music I like to listen to. But I was lost in the rabbit hole that is Youtube, laughing hysterically over the on-point reactions of AJayII when I came across this track and her reaction (which you can watch here) But this track grabbed me, maybe because (without sounding too cheesy) you can feel the pain emanating from him. I’m not one to diagnose the emotional DNA of songs because I’m a writer myself and I definitely use my own experiences and real people in what I create but, I think it’s self-explanatory who this message in a bottle was meant for…

4. Trust Fund Baby – Why Don’t We

British boys singing a ridiculously infectious pop tune. Who knew that formula would work?! OK, but all jokes aside, this tune had me involuntarily bopping from the minute I heard it. It’s bound to get stuck in your head and I’m sure we’re on the cusp of it getting some serious radio play here in Oz, courtesy of my girl Ash London, Smallzy and all the other high energy contemporary radio DJ’s that keep us company on the drive home or in our rooms when we need to enter the cleaning zone.

Finally, the 5th track I’m telling you all about is a throwback because I’m an old soul…

OK, so if you don’t know me, I’m a huge Fleetwood fan. Steve Nicks, in my opinion, is the mystical leader of a witch coven that Lorde, Lana and Florence call home. Silver Springs is a forgotten track, a hidden gem off the album that 1 in 4 American households own. It’s the song Stevie Nicks cried for, as it was cut from the standard version for being too long and softly heartbroken instead of the well-disguised upbeat quasi-flippancy of ‘I Don’t Want To Know’ which rounds out this killer album. With the kind of lyrics that leave me emotionally  winded – ‘You’ll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you’ this song is just another shining jewel in the crown that is Rumors, for someone who is left fascinated by the twisty multi-sided double crossing shapes that are the hearts of Fleetwood Mac (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, get yourself to Google and settle in for the rollercoaster that was the band, with some piping hot tea and something that will stop your jaw from living permanenently on the floor).

OK, that’s enough jabber from me. Resume normal programming, go back to your grooving.

I just want you to remember three things for me:

  1. You are good enough and you can always feel free to be whatever makes you happiest with me on this blog and across social media.
  2. Treat people with kindness, always. Trust me, it’s actually a lot easier than any alternative.
  3. You are never too cool to lose your mind over whatever music you like (screw guilty pleasures, just love what you love) and it’s OK to have an interest in pop culture. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy, uneducated or shallow and uncaring about the world. It just means you can give your social activist brains a little R&R.

I hope it’s nice, where you are.

Love Hannah x


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